Carbon Reduction Plan 2023-24

Commitment to Achieving Net Zero

RED Scientific (RED) is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions from 2022. We will do this by reducing our greenhouse emissions and, each year, investing in carbon negative projects to neutralise the residual emissions.

Carbon Reduction Projects

In order to meet our emissions targets, we plan to implement the following environmental management measures over the coming 2023-24 reporting year:

  • Maintain our commitment to a 100% certified ‘Green’ (i.e. zero-emissions) electricity tariff;
  • Reduce use of gas for heating our Alton Office by seeking further efficiency improvements;
  • Continue to improve data gathered on staff travel and work habits through our quarterly survey. The results to be fedback to staff to encourage the adoption of lower emission behaviours;
  • Develop a simple tool to estimate the carbon footprint of proposed consultancy projects in order to identify where ghg emissions could be minimised;
  • Continue to support flexible and home working by staff; to reduce non-essential employee commuting and business travel:
  • Invest in high quality fully verified projects to offset the estimated 30 tCO2e produced in the 2023 reporting period.

  • You can find our full Carbon Reduction Plan here.