Supportability Engineering (ILS)

Supportability Engineering (also known as Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)) is the management and technical process through which logistic support considerations are integrated into the design and throughout the life cycle of systems. Effective ILS management ensures that all elements of logistic support are planned, acquired, tested and provided in a timely and cost effective manner with the overall goal of creating systems that last longer and require less support, thereby reducing costs through life.

RED provides ILS expertise to the MoD and Industry (including System integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)) in the delivery of engineering projects; our approach is to deliver ILS solutions that are tailored to the size and scale of projects, in order to meet the technical requirements of our clients whilst avoiding nugatory effort/ unnecessary cost. RED’s ILS capability / competence is wide ranging, with established processes for the delivery of ILS projects including:

  • ILS Strategy and ILS Plan;
  • Supply Support Management;
  • Technical Documentation Management;
  • Maintainability / Reliability Analysis;
  • Supportability Analysis;
  • Training Needs Analysis and Training Management;
  • Obsolescence Management.

RED’s ILS specialists have experience in the development and successful delivery of ILS tasks / elements in accordance with various industry/ MoD codes, standards and specifications; typically:

  • Defence Logistics Framework (DLF);
  • JSP 822 – Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT);
  • Defence Standard 00-600 – Integrated Logistic Support Requirements for MOD projects;
  • Defence Standard 00-601 – MOD Business Rules for contracting for Technical Documentation;
  • S3000L – International specification for Logistics Support Analysis (LSA);
  • S4000P – International specification for developing and continuously improving preventive maintenance.

RED also provides value added ILS consultancy services to our clients, including:

  • Developing ILS bid strategies and ILS bid winning material for our client’s opportunities, as well as, developing partnerships and strategic relationship to successfully secure access to wider frameworks;
  • Conducting ILS analysis on behalf of equipment manufacturers early in the acquisition, in order that supportability decisions are integrated within the design of equipment, ensuring a reduction in through life cost and increased availability of equipment;
  • Providing engineering and ILS insights and expertise to wider projects including Operational Research & Modelling, War gaming and Investment Appraisals.


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