Drumgrange ILS Package Delivery of Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and safety requirements


Drumgrange Limited required support for the delivery of a Command, Control, Communication, and Computers Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (C4ISR) system to the MoD. The aim of the project was to deliver a networked system, however the security classification of the project precludes intimate discussion of its technological aspects.


RED’s task was to deliver the Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and safety requirements of the project; which included delivery of the following elements:

  • Integrated Support Plan:
    • Packaging Handling Storage & Transportation (PHS&T);
    • Availability Reliability & Maintainability (ARM) data in accordance with DEF STAN 00-42:
      • Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA);
      • Level of Repair Analysis (LORA).
    • Disposal planning.
  • Supportability Test, Evaluation and Verification (STEV) Plan (including logistical demonstration);
  • Training Needs Report;
  • Reusable Training Package (RTP);
  • Army Equipment Support Publication (AESP);
  • Safety and Environmental Management Plan (SEMP);
  • Safety appraisal.


RED was tasked with producing a Training Needs Report and Reusable Training Package (RTP) in accordance with Joint Service Publication (JSP) 822. During development of the TNA Report and Training Needs Report, the following was produced:

  • Course Training Plan including the following:
    • Target Audience Description (TAD);
    • Training Objectives (TO);
    • Enabling Objectives (EO);
    • Course syllabus, time table, training material and facility requirements.
  • Power point presentation;
  • Instructor notes;
  • Handouts;
  • Safety.

The RTP (produced by RED Scientific) which was delivered to the end-user by Drumgrange, included processes, procedures and instructions for the operation and maintenance of the networked system, including:

  • Network configuration;
  • Troubleshooting / fault isolation (including flow diagrams, technical diagnostics, diagnostic tables and diagnostic procedures);
  • Security management procedures including anti-viral (network server antivirus update), encryption and Virtual Private Network (VPN) management;
  • Systems operation, integration and performance monitoring;
  • Device configuration;
  • Administration, licensing, control and security policy enforcement;
  • Deletion of sensitive information from the network and individual equipment;
  • Maintenance procedures.

RED also produced AESP (technical manuals) for the project; which contained the processes and procedures required to perform the technical support, planning, process management and administration of the system; comprising the following information:

  • Purpose and Planning, containing purpose and planning information appertaining to operational and planning personnel under the following headings:
    • Equipment role / purpose;
    • Design particulars, equipment details;
    • Operational performances;
    • Physical data;
    • Transportation data;
    • Environmental data.
  • Operating Information, containing all necessary information required by the Operator to set up, assemble and operate the equipment. The 201 also contained WARNINGS and CAUTIONS as dictated by the Safety Governing Body (Safety & Environmental Case Report (SECR). The operating information was sub-chaptered as under the following headings:
    • Technical description of complete system and sub systems;
    • Set-up of the equipment (including system configuration);
    • Operation of the equipment (including system configuration);
    • Failure diagnosis (Operator);
    • Illustrations as deemed necessary to support information.
  • Failure Diagnosis, containing level 1/2 failure diagnosis information on the system equipment, including connectivity diagrams and failure diagnosis charts;
  • Administrator Instructions, containing level 2 Administrator information on the system equipment, including level 2 system configuration information;
  • Complete Equipment Schedule (CES) (Simple Equipment), containing CES / stores accounting information on the system including an illustrated parts catalogue.


The project was delivered on-time to the full satisfaction of the customer; Drumgrange praised the commitment and quality of work produced by RED throughout.

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