Legislation & Compliance Matrix Tool Maintaining the SPTC DT Safety and Environmental Legislation and Compliance register


RED currently maintains the SPTC DT Safety and Environmental Legislation and Compliance register detailing Portfolio regulatory requirements and compliance. SPTC DT also required a communications site installation Safety and Environmental compliance checklist, which can be used by SPTC to assess communications installations at MoD and Civilian sites as well as a Legislative compliance report for radio equipment which identifies specific safety regulatory requirements from legislation and the means of demonstrating compliance.


For the site installation task, RED focused on compliance against JSP 604 and a review of all other legislation and British Standards to identify which specific regulations apply. The document was developed collaboratively with key stakeholders to provide SPTC with a means to assess existing installations, which have not yet been certified by SCIDA, in support of equipment Safety Cases. For each compliance requirement, the document includes the data source; RED clearly stated any limitations and recommended further analysis where required.


The task involved RED facilitating workshops to discuss progress and maintain momentum; Red also analysed current Safety and Environmental Legislation and Regulatory Compliance requirements and have developed a matrix tool which compares equivalent legislation, commercial standards (E.G. UL standards) and defence standards from the United States, which are often used to build a compliance statement for equipment procured from the United States via FMS, and is not CE marked.

The task is still ongoing; however the tool has been well received, is currently in use and provides the Authority with a ready reckoner of current Portfolio Safety and Environmental regulatory compliance.

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