Safety & Environmental Management

Ministry of Defence (MOD) Delivery Teams, on behalf of Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) and the Front Line Command (FLC) as appropriate, have an obligation to provide end-users with equipment which has safety hazards which can be demonstrated to be As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).

Def Stan 00-056, DSA01.1, DSA02.DLSR.LSSR [Land], DSA02.DMR [Maritime], MAA Manual of Air Safety & associated Regulatory Articles (RA) [Air], and POSMS mandate that all equipment entering service has a valid safety case (or safety assessment for air equipment) that demonstrates equipment has been designed safely and can be put in to service with a high degree of confidence that the system can be used safely.

RED Scientific has a truly independent Safety and Environmental Management team, to provide first class safety and regulatory expertise, engendering a high degree of confidence to our customers that all requirements shall be met by extremely competent personnel. The RED Team are familiar with all Safety Management Procedures, and we pride ourselves on our logical approach to Safety Management, ensuring co-operation with all stakeholders, facilitating a collective effort in the identification & evaluation of all Safety risks and implementing effective control measures / mitigation to reduce all risks identified to ALARP status. This approach provides our customers with a comprehensive, compelling and auditable body of evidence that equipment / systems are safe to use in the intended environment.

The RED team are currently delivering Safety Support Services for JES DT, FP ECM and SP Tac Comms. The RED Team’s involvement in Safety & Environmental Case Reports (SECRs) has been varied throughout all stages of the acquisition cycle, having provided expertise to both the MOD and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to advise and make recommendations in terms of control measures and mitigation activities, in order to ensure the availability, and safe use, of equipment and sub-systems. The RED Team deliver cost effective solutions using established DT processes and existing documentation, ensuring Value for Money for Defence. RED is currently delivering Safety and Environmental Management artefacts for a large number of projects including:

  • Design, Development and Review of bespoke Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS);
  • Attend and provide expert input to Safety & Environmental Management Committee (SEMC);
  • Design, Development and Review of Safety and Environmental Management Plans (SEMPs);
  • Design, Development, Review and Update of Safety and Environmental Case Reports (Single-Part and 3-Part) including Safety Assessment Reports (SAR) for Air Integration projects;
  • Leading/chairing Hazard Identification & Analysis meetings/workshops;
  • Design and develop of communications site installation Safety and Environmental compliance checklists, which can be used to assess communications installations at MoD and Civilian sites;
  • Producing legislative compliance reports which identify specific requirements from legislation and means of demonstrating compliance. Identifying equivalent legislation, commercial standards (E.G. UL standards) and defence standards from the United States which can be used to build a compliance statement for equipment procured from the United States which is not CE marked;
  • Effective Management of E-Cassandra hazard log software tool;
  • Development of detailed processes, including guidance and templates, for functional safety assessments considering both software and hardware functions pointing to related policy and legislation and considering (Software with Unknown Pedigree [SOUP]);
  • Design and development of formal (legislative and policy compliant) processes for the management of safety and environmental aspects during the disposal project phase;
  • Independent Safety and Environmental Auditing (ISEA) including delivery and acceptance of a Final Safety Audit Reports.

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