Information Assurance

The world’s reliance on information technology and communications systems is ever growing, with a need to store vast amounts of information electronically. Criminal, political, terrorist, industrial and state actors seeking to exploit weaknesses in information systems to disrupt services or to obtain public or commercial intellectual property & secrets are proliferating. The threat to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of stored information which, if compromised, could a have catastrophic impact on public sector and commercial organisations is ever growing. As a result, these bodies are increasingly identifying a need to develop robust measures to deal with the increasing threat.

A new area of focus for RED Scientific, our staff have the Information Assurance and Information Security knowledge to help organisations develop, implement or assess all technical, organisational and cultural aspects of their information security and assurance capability to meet current and emerging threats.

Our experience includes a range of both public and commercial sector customers, providing holistic end-to-end information assurance capabilities. RED staff experience and abilities include:

  • Cyber Security Consultancy (formerly CLAS) consulting and information security studies
  • MoD / public sector accreditation
  • Commercial company Information Assurance (IA)
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • Information and security risk management certification



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