RED Scientific

RED is registered on the R-Cloud framework in the following areas:

  • Human Capability, which covers areas including: Personnel, Human Factors Integration and Understanding and influencing human behaviour.
  • C4ISR, in areas including: Command and Control, C4ISR Systems and Experimentation, Information Processing, Communications, Sensors and Intelligence & GEOINT.
  • Cyber, which covers Cyber Defence of MoD Platforms and Systems & Situational Awareness of Cyber-Space.
  • Platform Systems, which is divided into themes that include: Underpinning Capabilities; Systems Engineering (SE) & Integration; Defence Architectures; Information & Intelligence SE; Software SE; Navigation Systems.
  • Research into Counter Terrorism and Security, which is divided into several themes: Device Diagnostics and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Explosives Detection and Identification, Neutralise and Counter Terrorist Networks.
  • Integrated Survivability, covering four themes: Integrating capabilities, including modelling & simulation; Susceptibility, the avoidance of detection and engagement; Vulnerability, the survival if hit & Recoverability, the ability to reconstitute military functions.