Live Data Tracking Dashboard Combining open source data into visual intelligence


RED has developed a number of in-house capabilities, including Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) harvesting, processing and dissemination; analysis; modelling; and compelling visualisations. We were looking for a means to showcase these capabilities in a web and live streaming application.


The chosen approach was to create a dashboard that read in real-time open source data (captured from a variety of web sites by existing RED OSINT technology) for display as a web page on PCs, mobile devices, and video-sharing platforms. This dashboard would need to focus on a subject matter which was both current and would attract a wide audience – and the COVID-19 pandemic within the UK was a perfect fit.


RED has developed a functioning, mobile-friendly, COVID-19 dashboard that runs and updates in a live environment (which can be found here). This dashboard acts as a “template”, which can then be applied to the tracking of other, non-COVID, events.

If you have any feedback regarding the dashboard, or have any other queries, please contact us at, or use our contact form here.

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