Independent Safety Advice & Audit Support Delivering Independent Safety Advice & Audit Support for JES DT


The RED Safety and Environmental Team are currently delivering Independent Safety Advice & Audit Support for JES DT (an EDP contract (Ref JE/ISTAR/JES/00220 / E2-00220-C-79140)). RED’s Safety and Environmental Lead, Marc Brûlé-Walker fulfils the role of Lead Independent Safety and Environmental Auditor for this contract.


Independent Safety Advice & Audit Support includes independent review and assessment of third party (i.e. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)) safety Artefacts; to provide assurance that safety activities comply with planned arrangements, are carried out in accordance with MoD Safety Policy (i.e. DSA02-DMR – Defence Maritime Regulations for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection) and that safety artefacts produced are correct, valid and fit for purpose (i.e. mitigations proposed in hazard logs are demonstrable to be effective through suitable and sufficient means). The contract also includes independent safety advice during Project Safety and Environmental Panels (PSEP); to provide assurance that PSEP hosted by third parties (i.e. OEM) are conducted in accordance with planned arrangements (i.e. Project Safety and Environmental Panel) are suitable to achieve objectives (i.e. reviews planned compliance to Legislation and MOD Policy) and whether the resultant PSEP minutes are correct, valid and fit for purpose.


The audit reports delivered have improved the consistency and coherence of the safety artefacts supporting JES DT portfolios. RED have also produced an updated Safety & Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) in order to support the drive for consistency and clarity of JES DT safety artefacts aligned to MoD policy.


JES DT are very pleased with the efforts of RED, in the provision of Independent Safety Advice & Audit Support; moreover the improvements to JES DT’s Safety portfolios have been recognised by ISTAR Operating Centre (OC) including the excellent support that RED have been providing.

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