RED Scientific FATS 5 Support Goes Live

RED is pleased to announce that our consortium (RED Scientific (FATS)) has been successful on the latest iteration of the Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS/5).

FATS is a part of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), but is pan-government and provides access to Technical Support, including:

  • Technical Studies (including studies, prototyping and technical demonstrators),
  • Technical Project Support (project based activities provided into the Operating Centres),
  • Technical Engineering Support.

The framework is divided into filters, and RED will provide support in:

Filter 1: Air Engineering

Filter 2: Land Engineering

Filter 3: Maritime Engineering

Filter 6: C4ISTAR Engineering

Filter 7: Air Acquisition Safety

Filter 8: Land Acquisition Safety

Filter 9: Maritime Acquisition Safety

Filter 11: WOME Acquisition Safety

Filter 13: Science and Medical

Filter 19: Acquisition Environmental Support

Filter 20: Occupational Health and Safety

Filter 21: Occupational Environmental Support

Filter 22: Quality and Configuration Management

Filter 23: Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Filter 24: Mathematical and Statistical Analysis

Filter 25: Operational Analysis

Filter 27: Systems of Systems Engineering

Filter 28: Human Factors and Human Factors Integration

Filter 29: Cost Analysis and Assurance Services (CAAS)

If you are interested in working with us, for FATS or other requirements, you can find details on our site here.

RED Scientific FATS5 Press Release v1.0

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