Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Observatory construction approved

On 25 June 2021, Square Kilometre Array Observatory (SKAO) Council members approved the start of construction of the SKA radio telescopes in Australia and South Africa. The two telescopes, currently designated SKA-Low and SKA-Mid, names which describe their respective radio frequency range, will be the two largest and most complex networks of radio telescopes ever built.

The SKAO, formally known as the SKA Observatory, is a global collaboration of Member States whose mission is to build and operate cutting-edge radio telescopes to transform our understanding of the Universe, and deliver benefits to society through global collaboration and innovation.

Headquartered at Jodrell Bank in the UK, its two telescope arrays will be constructed in Australia and South Africa and be the two most advanced radio telescope networks on Earth. A later expansion is envisioned in both countries and other African partner countries. Together with other state-of-the-art research facilities, the SKAO’s telescopes will explore the unknown frontiers of science and deepen our understanding of key processes, including the formation and evolution of galaxies, fundamental physics in extreme environments and the origins of life. Through the development of innovative technologies and its contribution to addressing societal challenges, the SKAO will play its part to address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and deliver significant benefits across its membership and beyond.

As the SKA project moves into construction and operational stages, industry will play a crucial role in the delivery and through-life support of the various SKA project work-packages. RED Scientific are proud to be a registered supplier for the project.

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