Dr Andy Hodgson joins RED Scientific as Senior Consultant Analyst

RED are pleased to announce a new member of staff: Dr Andy Hodgson who was previously Head of Information Exploitation at Babcock International, leading the Defence Information Exploitation Hub.

Andy is a highly skilled and experienced data scientist with extensive analytical abilities and expertise across broad aspects of the defence, security, maritime and digital domains. He has a natural aptitude for seeing the information that may be hiding within data and is highly skilled in the techniques for coaxing that information out. He recently developed a new approach to understanding component failures on the British Army vehicle fleet, exploiting fault data to provide engineering insight. This identified, for the first time, the relative incidence of early, random and fatigue-type failure modes informing new approaches to maintenance strategies.

Outside work he enjoys family time and is a director of the Falklands Ultra event: www.falklandsultra.com

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