Arnhem Memorial March

A band of retired Airborne REME brothers will tab from Aldershot to Arnhem this September for Support our Paras.

In 1984 a number of us visited Arnhem for the 40 anniversary of ‘Market Garden’ and decided that in the future we should do something to raise awareness of this epic battle amongst other REME soldiers serving in Airborne Forces and to raise some cash along the way. A plan was hatched and Exercise ‘Arnhem Bimble’ was created. The basic plan was for a dozen or so serving Airborne REME soldiers to tab from Aldershot to Arnhem via Harwich and the Hook of Holland. The first of these ‘Bimbles’ took place in 1986 and then every other year for about 20 years. Last year in Arnhem we decided to resurrect the event but with a difference; the team would be made up of retired Airborne REME troops who had at some stage completed the event whilst still serving (one tabber this year was also on the first one in 1986).

The team is 19 men the oldest being 64 and the youngest 40-ish. Plan to depart from Aldershot and tab with 35 lbs bergens to Arnhem via London, Chelmsford, Colchester, Harwich, Utrecht and Ede. The event will be a relay with two men tabbing at any one time over short legs of approx. 3 miles. Our final leg will be from Ede to the John Frost Bridge via Heelsum and following Route Lion to arrive at the John Frost Bridge at approx. 1500hrs on Fri 20 Sep 19.

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