Supporting Social Inclusion in Rural Yorkshire

Community Works (, a charity based in Thirsk, delivers community services which would not otherwise be readily available in rural North Yorkshire.  It supports those who are facing homelessness, domestic violence, long-term unemployment, mental ill health and long-term illness, isolation, educational under-achievement and other issues. They rely heavily on a team of volunteers to support their community activities, helping to bring people together, reduce social isolation and build community life.

For RED Manager Marc Brûlé-Walker (above, left) North Yorkshire is home and so, wanting to give something back to his community, he joined the Community Works volunteer team.   ‘I’m delighted to contribute’, he said, ‘Each week a local chap comes and helps our girls at the kennels.  I know he sees it as something positive and appreciates being part of the team’.

RED MD Yvonne Whiteley supports Marc’s involvement.  ‘RED staff are scattered around the country and it’s great that they are committed to their local community, wherever that may be’.

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