Contract win: BBC Horizon Scanning

The BBC’s Safety, Security and Resilience division has tasked RED to develop a horizon scanning methodology or tool that is able to predict and monitor future risks across their entire range of operational and business activities.

RED’s Dr Steve Coulson will conduct STEMPLES (Social, Technical, Environment, Military, Political, Legal, Economic & Security) analysis of the risks to the BBC at the organisational level.

Steve has conducted interviews with each of the SMEs to determine what their high-level risks were, what sources of information they used to monitor risks and what sources of information would be most useful for them to forecast risks.

Steve then provided a number of different options for the format of a horizon scanning tool that would collect and fuse real-time data from the identified information sources to enable the BBC to understand its overall risk profile. The tool will use data mining and probability based techniques to provide the BBC with an evidence based recognised risk profile and to forecast the future risk profile for 3 and 12 months ahead.

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